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Our services for entrepreneurs and small and medium businesses include

Business Analysis

This is a review of strengths and weak­nes­ses of cur­rent sta­te of busi­ness, from mar­ket out­look to finan­ci­al struc­tu­re. As a result, it shows also if you are pre­pa­red to achie­ve your goals and to attract the necessa­ry finan­ci­al resour­ces. Whe­re do you stand?

Business Planning

A busi­ness plan is a jus­ti­fied state­ment of quan­ti­fied busi­ness goals, thus spe­ci­fy­ing rea­sons why they are attainab­le, and plans for reaching them. Are your pre­sen­ta­ti­ons ade­qua­te to trans­par­ent­ly attract len­ders and inves­tors? 


Sound and plau­si­ble assump­ti­ons about future deve­lop­ment of com­pa­ny and envi­ron­ment are espe­ci­al­ly rele­vant to obtai­ning and main­tai­ning finan­cing. Most nota­b­ly infor­ma­ti­on redu­cing uncer­tain­ty of future cash-flows. Is the­re scope in finan­cing?


Adap­ting for future suc­cess, needs a via­ble con­cept with a cohe­rent stra­te­gy and some­ti­mes radi­cal mea­su­res. Stra­te­gi­cal, struc­tu­ral, ope­ra­tio­nal and finan­ci­al chan­ges often requi­re pro­blem sol­ving. Might a neu­tral point of view be of help?

Mergers & Acquisitions,

Sel­ling the com­pa­ny or parts of it is an infre­quent task for most busi­ness owners. Doing it at the best pri­ce and secu­re­ly is a chal­len­ge. Do you have nee­ded resour­ces in-house?

Real Estate

Cor­po­ra­te pro­per­ties often make up for a con­si­dera­ble capi­tal allo­ca­ti­on and can be a bur­den or an oppor­tu­ni­ty. Are skills to sol­ve issu­es and deve­lop their full poten­ti­al avail­ab­le?