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Our services for entrepreneurs and small and medium businesses include

Business Analysis

This is a review of strengths and weak­nesses of cur­rent state of busi­ness, from mar­ket out­look to fin­an­cial struc­ture. As a res­ult, it shows also if you are pre­pared to achieve your goals and to attract the neces­sary fin­an­cial resources. Where do you stand?

Business Planning

A busi­ness plan is a jus­ti­fied state­ment of quan­ti­fied busi­ness goals, thus spe­cify­ing reas­ons why they are attain­able, and plans for reach­ing them. Are your present­a­tions adequate to trans­par­ently attract lenders and investors? 


Sound and plaus­ible assump­tions about future devel­op­ment of com­pany and envir­on­ment are espe­cially rel­ev­ant to obtain­ing and main­tain­ing fin­an­cing. Most not­ably inform­a­tion redu­cing uncer­tainty of future cash-flows. Is there scope in financing?


Adapt­ing for future suc­cess, needs a viable concept with a coher­ent strategy and some­times rad­ic­al meas­ures. Stra­tegic­al, struc­tur­al, oper­a­tion­al and fin­an­cial changes often require prob­lem solv­ing. Might a neut­ral point of view be of help?

Mergers & Acquisitions,

Selling the com­pany or parts of it is an infre­quent task for most busi­ness own­ers. Doing it at the best price and securely is a chal­lenge. Do you have needed resources in-house?

Real Estate

Cor­por­ate prop­er­ties often make up for a con­sid­er­able cap­it­al alloc­a­tion and can be a bur­den or an oppor­tun­ity. Are skills to solve issues and devel­op their full poten­tial available?