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Strategy, problem or opportunity?

Game chan­ging innov­a­tion, digit­al trans­form­a­tion, cul­tur­al and demo­graph­ic evol­u­tion, and so on, can be dis­rupt­ive and huge oppor­tun­it­ies to who can build and main­tain com­pet­it­ive advant­ages, stay­ing fit for the future, ready for the next big thing and posi­tioned for success.

Fail­ing to adapt to changes in the eco­sys­tem or to oth­er con­straints and the loss of com­pet­it­ive advant­ages can make busi­ness mod­els obsol­ete. Busi­ness dis­tress can even­tu­ally be triggered by fail­ing to secure and main­tain fin­an­cing. Cause and effect are distinct.

Excess­ive indebted­ness can be a res­ult of a weak busi­ness strategy, unreal­ist­ic fin­an­cial pro­jec­tions, com­pla­cent work­ing cap­it­al optim­iz­a­tion and fail­ure to divest not strictly neces­sary assets. Fin­an­cials are an easy quan­ti­fic­a­tion of the suc­cess of the com­pany inter­act­ing with its envir­on­ment, chal­lenges, mar­ket dis­rup­tions, industry trends, rivals’ moves, with such as oper­a­tion­al improve­ment, innov­a­tion, secur­ing a good pro­ject pipeline, port­fo­lio trans­form­a­tion, people devel­op­ment, includ­ing suc­ces­sion, social accept­ance and so on.

Any prob­lem can be solved – even­tu­ally. Else, it is an incon­veni­ent fact to be coped with, or stuff for philo­sophy and math­em­at­ics schol­ars. Some prob­lems can be anti­cip­ated, pre­ven­ted or even become oppor­tun­it­ies. The earli­er you approach them, the bet­ter. Chal­lenge your own stor­ies, biases and resources allocation.

If you can’t solve the issues your­self, you can use help. Pro­fes­sion­al con­sult­ants can speed up aggreg­a­tion of know­ledge into actions. You can bene­fit from a fresh approach and inputs from out­side adding resources for quick action.


Steps to be taken practice

Asses your situ­ation. Reck­on need to change. Decide to solve the prob­lem. Secure sur­viv­al and con­serve value. Con­trol liquid­ity for day to day oper­a­tions to avoid insolvency.

Find the real exact prob­lem caus­ing the effects. Under­stand it and its causes, break it down A Turn­around Dash­board helps col­lect­ing most rel­ev­ant inform­a­tion to sep­ar­ate value cre­ation from destruction.

A struc­tured way to approach the prob­lem is key to solve it and devel­op solu­tions and altern­at­ives. Sci­entif­ic enquiry and cre­at­ive think­ing, helps to syn­thes­ize facts and pri­or­it­ize actions. No fin­an­cial restruc­tur­ing can be suc­cess­ful without remov­al of the stra­tegic, oper­a­tion­al or per­son­al causes of the distress.

Dis­cip­lined imple­ment­a­tion of action­able plans and meas­ures for re-alloc­a­tion of stra­tegic resources. pro­ductiv­ity improve­ments, cap­it­al injec­tions, or divestit­ures of assets or busi­nesses needs also an adequate com­mu­nic­a­tion and stake­hold­ers involve­ment. Adequate con­trol mech­an­isms shall be in place for the future.

In nor­mal con­di­tions, fund­ing new pro­jects or strong growth gen­er­ally need re-alloc­a­tion of stra­tegic resources through pro­ductiv­ity improve­ments, cap­it­al injec­tions, or divestit­ures of less neces­sary assets or busi­nesses, which takes quite some time.

If the com­pany is only mar­gin­ally or not so suc­cess­ful neces­sary new pro­jects and even restruc­tur­ing or work­ing cap­it­al and then get dif­fi­cult to fund. Fin­an­cial con­straints or evid­ent insolv­ency risk require quick action.

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