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Dis­tress can be caused by fail­ing to secure financ­ing which can be main­tained in the long-term.

Exces­sive indebt­ed­ness can be a result of using unre­al­is­tic finan­cial pro­jec­tions or delay­ing opti­miza­tion of work­ing cap­i­tal and super­flu­ous assets.

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Com­pa­nies which, for what­ev­er rea­son, lose their prof­itabil­i­ty are often in the dif­fi­cult sit­u­a­tion of not being able to imple­ment new projects and even slide into insol­ven­cy. Lat­est at that point, Investors goals will look very dif­fer­ent than borrowers.


Finan­cial con­straints  or evi­dent insol­ven­cy risk require quick action. Liq­uid­i­ty and financ­ing must be secured and man­aged, prof­itabil­i­ty improved and val­ue conserved.


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